Ten Short Sentences II

the bird screams at me from a nest on a street light that he thinks he owns

the boy pedals by, samurai sword down shorts’ leg—cuts me with a glare

sidewalk’s heat drifts up and sticks in my hanging hands like I dreamed bee stings

sprinkler nods a circle—a machine gun that says yes to water, grass, worms

grass looks at the birch, thinks “soon the birds will rest in my branches too”

today a cooler breeze—the wind also imagines it’s by the ocean

the sidewalks become canyons of moms and babies—they echo each other

when I came back then for my annual check up, my doctors were all dead

breeze in my ear, blood in my ear, both headed somewhere else

every last rock every side it rests on thinks, “I’m upside down”

Ten Short Sentences II

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